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With fully one-third of the Earth’s fresh water within and along our borders, Ontario truly is a natural wonder to behold. Some 250,000 freshwater lakes are found here, along with countless rivers and streams – not to mention a multitude of plants and animals that necessarily thrive in such lush surroundings.
This natural wealth is a blessing.  It’s the basis for our prosperity, our growth and our quality of life.  But with great wealth, comes great responsibility.

All of us in Ontario have a role to play in protecting our fresh water. Our lives depend upon it as much as the air we breathe and the soil we till. Protecting water at its source is the first step in ensuring that every Ontarian has access to safe drinking water.

By stopping contaminants from getting into sources of drinking water – lakes, rivers, and aquifers – we can provide the first line of defense in the protection of our environment and the health of Ontarians