Source Protection Committee Formation and Replacement

Source Protection Committee Member Replacement & Re-appointment

Members of the Source Protection Committee are appointed for periods between 3 and 5 years and may be re-appointed for a further term. Currently, the Source Protection Committee is completely appointed and there are no vacancies.

The roles and responsibilities of the SPC members can be found on the Source Protection Committee Roles & Responsibilities web page.

Every member of the Source Protection Committee is required to read, acknowledge and sign a “Code of Conduct (COC) and Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy for Members of the Source Protection Committee” (shown below).

COC and COI Policy for SPC Members

The following is expected of each committee member:

  • We ask that each member make a three-year commitment to participate on the committee;
  • Each member should regularly attend committee meetings (about two meetings per year during this implementation phase of the program);
  • New members will need to attend a training and orientation session on source protection;
  • Niagara Peninsula SPC members must reside, own property, rent property, be employed in, operate a business in, or be employed by a municipality that is located within the boundaries of the Niagara Peninsula Source Protection Area;
  • SPC members cannot be a current Conservation Authority Board or staff member;
  • Each SPC member must respect confidential information and abide by the process in place to safeguard confidential information;
  • Each SPC member must comply with the committee’s code of conduct;
  • Each SPC member should act as a liaison by bringing forward common concerns from knowledge and experience of their respective sector to the committee;
  • All SPC members are expected to work together with representatives from other sectors;
  • Each SPC member should provide input and make decisions at the committee table;
  • Each SPC member should be able to understand source protection science concepts and public technical reports;
  • SPC member will be expected to read reports and other documents in preparation for the SPC meetings.

SPC Member Application Form