Source Protection Committee Members

Niagara Peninsula Source Protection Committee Chair


Niagara Peninsula Source Protection Committee – Appointed Members

On November 21, 2007 , the Niagara Peninsula Source Protection Authority appointed members to the Drinking Water Source Protection Committee, as required under Regulation 288/07 of the Clean Water Act, 2006 .  The regulation requires that the Niagara Peninsula Source Protection Committee have 9 members (plus a Chair appointed by the Province), representing municipalities, economic sectors and the public.

The committee selection process in the Niagara Peninsula Source Protection Area included a public call for applications for economic sector and public interest seats. In addition, the municipalities selected one representative each from Niagara Region, City of Hamilton and Haldimand County . Following a detailed review of all applications, candidates were recommended for appointment to the committee based on a number of criteria including professional and volunteer experience, ability to meet time and meeting commitments, possessing a degree of technical competency and location of residence in the watershed.

Source Protection Committee Member Biography Summaries

Regional Councillor Paul Grenier

Councillor Grenier was elected to Regional Council in 2014, after serving on the Welland City Council for three consecutive terms since 2003.  Councillor Grenier was the Chair of Welland Corporate Services and Budget Review Committees from 2009 to 2011 and 2014. Other committees he served on include Welland Hydro, Welland Recreational Canada Lands, Welland International Flatwater Centre Technical Committee, Emergency Planning, as well as the Conservation Committee.

From 2005 to 2014, Councillor Grenier was a member of the Ontario Small Urban Municipalities (OSUM) Board and was Chair from 2010 to 2012; he served concurrently on the Board of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO). Since 2009, he has acted as Treasurer for the Canadian Association for Public Alerting and Notification (CAPAN).

Councillor Grenier, is a graduate of Brock University in Economics, and operates a business consulting firm, Earth Services Products Inc., providing sales of waste handling equipment and business development services for environmental and green energy companies.

Haldimand County Councillor Tony Dalimonte

Councillor Dalimonte was re-elected to Haldimand County Council in 2014.  He is a lifetime resident of Hagersville and a retired employee of US Steel.   Councillor Dalimonte sits on several boards and committees including Haldimand County Utilities Board, Hagersville Business Improvement Area Board of Management, and Haldimand County Corporate Services (as Chair).  He is also a former Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority board member.

Mrs. Carmen Vega

To be completed.

Mr. Robert Bator

Mr. Bator has been a landowner and tender fruit and grapes farmer in Niagara-on-the-Lake for over 30 years.  He is a Director of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, and a Vice-president of the Niagara North Federation of Agriculture.  Mr. Bator presently sits on the Agriculture Sub-committee of the Region of Niagara, and was a member of the task group that completed the Agricultural Impact Study for Niagara.  He was also part of the working group that produced the guidelines for ‘On Farm Food Safety’ in Ontario.  Robert Bator holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from University of Waterloo. 

Ms. Maria Bellantino Perco

Ms. Bellantino Perco, a life-long resident of Welland, has been working in the environmental field for over 20 years in both the government and industrial sectors. She is currently the Environmental Control Supervisor for Vale Inco Limited in Port Colborne. As part of that role, she has gained considerable experience in groundwater and surface water management and understands the challenges and opportunities that face industry in this respect. She has also had extensive involvement in the Community Based Risk Assessment (CBRA) process to address soil contamination in the Port Colborne community.

Her interest in water resources led her to pursue scuba diving as a hobby where she has advanced training in different diving environments and nautical archaeology. She has traveled extensively around the world for habitat and shipwreck exploration and photography and video documentary.

Her community involvement includes having served as the Community Services Chair for the Welland/Pelham Branch of the Canadian Cancer Society and President of the Niagara Divers Association.

Mr. Drew Semple

Mr. Drew Semple is a resident of the City of St. Catharines who has recently retired from the Regional Municipality of Niagara after more than 33 years of employment as a Senior Policy Planner with the Integrated Community Planning Department. Mr. Semple carried out public land use policy research and development focusing most recently on agricultural and rural development and resource management issues. Prior to working for the Niagara Region, Mr. Semple worked for the City of Ottawa as a neighbourhood and development plan reviewer.

Mr. Semple graduated with an Honors degree in Urban Geography from the University of Toronto and later received a Masters of Science in Urban and Regional Planning also from the University of Toronto. Mr. Semple is a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and a Registered Professional Planner.

Mr. Adrin Willems

Mr. Willems is a resident of St Catharines. Recently retired from the automotive sector, where he was employed as a licenced industrial electrician, he was also a qualified ISO 14001 environmental auditor. He participated on the Niagara Water Quality Protection Strategy as part of the Natural Environment Technical Advisory Committee. Mr. Willems is a volunteer with the NPCA, taking part in various projects.

Former Members of the Committee

We appreciate the significant contribution of the past members of the committee, who are listed below:

Mark Neufeld – Chair
Mr. David A. Renshaw
Erwin Schneider
David Kerr
Tim Rigby
Brian Antonsen
Dean Ostryhon
Don Ricker